Bad Dreams

My youngest daughter turned seven today and as usual got up in her very cute pyjamas and climbed  into bed with both her mother and myself. She looks so happy, as well she might given that she knew that she was going to have a wonderful seventh birthday party. We have hired a jumping castle as well as a clown to paint faces and all of her friends from the school were going to come with lots and lots of presents. We had bought her a here grading kit that she had always wanted as well as tickets to a children’s bear and that were playing at the local hall next week. She was a very very very happy girl. But even a few days ago that hadn’t been the case. Last week she had come into our room in the middle of the night crying saying she had had bad dreams, and that she didn’t want to go back to her bed. This has been going on for about three or four nights when I said to my wife we needed to find a way to stop it. My wife being a lot smarter than me went out and bought a beautiful large dreamcatcher that she put up in our daughter’s room and told her how the holes of the dream catcher would stop any bad dreams from coming into the room and that she would never have to worry about bad dreams again. So now over the last few days the bad dreams have stopped just in time for her seventh birthday. So now I look at my daughter bouncing up and down on the jumping castle and I see her happy and content. My wife is a very very smart person and I asked if we could get a dreamcatcher for our own room just to make everything equal.

A Bachelors Dinner Party

Well it was decided, I was going to hold a dinner party, and it was going to be rather unusual because my wife was away visiting her parents for a few weeks and she normally does all this sort of thing. What had happened was that the kids are complained that I never cooked while mom was away and I had said that was because I was such a good cook that I didn’t want to show her up. The key is challenged me to cope not only for then but to actually hold a dinner party for many of our friends to prove what a great cook I was. I’ve got big mouth. To keep face I said yes and immediately started planning my first ever bachelor dinner party. First job was to decide what I was going to cook, and of course there was only one thing that would work, a big giant lamb roast. I went down to see Tony my local butcher, and he gave me a 3 kg lamb roast that he said was one of the best he had ever had in the shop. Now I don’t mind cooking but let’s not get carried away with ourselves I’m not as good as my wife. So was off to the Internet and recipe books to figure out how long to cook this thing for and what to do to it to make it full of flavour. On the day I made the kids put on aprons and help prepare all the vegetables otherwise there was no way that anybody was going to be fed that night.  I also found a beautiful old candelabra to put on the table to make the room look wonderful. Two hours in the oven and and basting every 20 minutes made the roast turned out perfect. Even the desert was magnificent. The kids were suitably impressed although I don’t think they thought I was as good a cook as  their mother, who thankfully was coming home later that day. But next time I think I will just keep my mouth shut.

Trip to the City (Part 3)

Waltons is rnowned for having really interesting gifts albeit at expensive prices although that never seemed to bother my wife.  Her niece is about 23 years old and has recently returned from spending two years overseas living in Europe. She spent most of her time annying for a rich couple in switzerland where she took care of two of their three kids. The couple were both merchant bankers so holidays or long weekends were spent on the mountain slopes skiing or lounging around in the ski chalets.  My wifes niece had of course to go along on all of these excursions into the snow to take care of the kids so she had a great time learning how to ski and getting to know how the european upper classes all party.  Now that she has come home to Sydney though she’s finding the Australian culture a little hard to handle, she says we are all a little bit rough around the edges compared to the european style.  Everyone in the family just rolls their eyes when she talka like that and know that eventually she will settle back down into the lifestyle.  My wife thinks that finding a present for my niece then is a very important part of the settling down process so she is more interested in buying her something more domesticated than exciting to remind her that home is important as well as travelling.  She went into the homewares section of the store and found a few things, then she spotted these amazing fashion aprons that come in wonderful retro styles and colours.  After spending what seemed an eternity she finally found the one she wanted and took it to the counter.  The shop attendant said she had made a great choice and that made her feel very happy. So that was it… all done , presents bought for the whole family and I get to go home with a happy wife and watch some cricket on TV.

Trip to the city (part 2)

When the doors opened there were another three customers waiting for the last door to move away and they all eyeballed she other like Olympic sprinters at the start line.  Thankfully each took off in different directions as soon as they entered so any chance of fighting was removed. I looked around to see if these women had also brought their husbands but it seemed like I was the only man being forced into this early morning run.  My wife headed straight to the home and decor section to look for some presents for her other sisters and niece who lives in Cairns. First she picked up some really interesting wind chimes that she loved, all beautiful metal tubing that made a sweet tune when they rang.  Then she saw a stunning silver candelabra she thought her sister would love for her formal dining room table. I thought it was a bit expensive but she said it was a good investment for the future. I wondered whether she meant in monetary terms of a good investment for her whenever she visited to see it on her sisters table.  I can be a little cynical at times.  Still they were good choices and I couldn’t argue with the discounts she bargained off from the staff and I ended up paying a lot less than the sticker price.  Next she tried the makeup department for her niece but apparently the shade of lipstick she loves is only available from a specific shop across town so I was worried we were going to go on a long cross town journey just to find picadilly pink in a smear free combo.  Thankfully she decided that we could probably find someting a bit more quirky for her in the craft section and it was there she found all these amazing cushions that were able to be left outside in the rain and still stay dry and useable.  She bought a dozen of these and then decided to moveon from Myers across the road to Waltons specialty stores.

Trip to the city (part one)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on any site, but i decided I wanted to tell you all about the last time I went shopping with my wife. She hadn’t been into the city for at least six months, so was really keen to hit all the big department stores before lunch and then the plan was to go to some of the outer suburb shops on the way home.  As usual she got me up early to beat the rush hour traffic because she wanted to get to her favourite shop in the city mall before it opebed. Her logic is that all the good bargains are replenished over night by the night staff so going early givr her the best chance to grab a bargain.  I usually just drop her off and then go and find a nice coffee shop to settle into while she goes about her business. This time however she wanted me along to help carry her purchases because she planned on buying all her yearly birthday presents on one day and get them all over and done with before Febuary.  I know she particularly wanted to buy some slippers for her sister and a new set of rosary beads for her mother in the nursing home. I thought this was a rather good idea if unrealistic because I knew that even if she did get everything the lure of the shops would be too great for her to resist after about May, but still I agreed to her plan.  So here I was sitting on the bus stop outside Myers in the Mall waiting for it to open watching all the staff arrive, many obviously late looking worried an harried.  My wife smiled at them all obviously hoping her goodwill would translate into some discount on her goods if by chance one of these late souls would be behind the checkout when it came time to tally up the goods……