Trip to the City (Part 3)

Waltons is rnowned for having really interesting gifts albeit at expensive prices although that never seemed to bother my wife.  Her niece is about 23 years old and has recently returned from spending two years overseas living in Europe. She spent most of her time annying for a rich couple in switzerland where she took care of two of their three kids. The couple were both merchant bankers so holidays or long weekends were spent on the mountain slopes skiing or lounging around in the ski chalets.  My wifes niece had of course to go along on all of these excursions into the snow to take care of the kids so she had a great time learning how to ski and getting to know how the european upper classes all party.  Now that she has come home to Sydney though she’s finding the Australian culture a little hard to handle, she says we are all a little bit rough around the edges compared to the european style.  Everyone in the family just rolls their eyes when she talka like that and know that eventually she will settle back down into the lifestyle.  My wife thinks that finding a present for my niece then is a very important part of the settling down process so she is more interested in buying her something more domesticated than exciting to remind her that home is important as well as travelling.  She went into the homewares section of the store and found a few things, then she spotted these amazing fashion aprons that come in wonderful retro styles and colours.  After spending what seemed an eternity she finally found the one she wanted and took it to the counter.  The shop attendant said she had made a great choice and that made her feel very happy. So that was it… all done , presents bought for the whole family and I get to go home with a happy wife and watch some cricket on TV.