A Bachelors Dinner Party

Well it was decided, I was going to hold a dinner party, and it was going to be rather unusual because my wife was away visiting her parents for a few weeks and she normally does all this sort of thing. What had happened was that the kids are complained that I never cooked while mom was away and I had said that was because I was such a good cook that I didn’t want to show her up. The key is challenged me to cope not only for then but to actually hold a dinner party for many of our friends to prove what a great cook I was. I’ve got big mouth. To keep face I said yes and immediately started planning my first ever bachelor dinner party. First job was to decide what I was going to cook, and of course there was only one thing that would work, a big giant lamb roast. I went down to see Tony my local butcher, and he gave me a 3 kg lamb roast that he said was one of the best he had ever had in the shop. Now I don’t mind cooking but let’s not get carried away with ourselves I’m not as good as my wife. So was off to the Internet and recipe books to figure out how long to cook this thing for and what to do to it to make it full of flavour. On the day I made the kids put on aprons and help prepare all the vegetables otherwise there was no way that anybody was going to be fed that night.  I also found a beautiful old candelabra to put on the table to make the room look wonderful. Two hours in the oven and and basting every 20 minutes made the roast turned out perfect. Even the desert was magnificent. The kids were suitably impressed although I don’t think they thought I was as good a cook as  their mother, who thankfully was coming home later that day. But next time I think I will just keep my mouth shut.