Bad Dreams

My youngest daughter turned seven today and as usual got up in her very cute pyjamas and climbed  into bed with both her mother and myself. She looks so happy, as well she might given that she knew that she was going to have a wonderful seventh birthday party. We have hired a jumping castle as well as a clown to paint faces and all of her friends from the school were going to come with lots and lots of presents. We had bought her a here grading kit that she had always wanted as well as tickets to a children’s bear and that were playing at the local hall next week. She was a very very very happy girl. But even a few days ago that hadn’t been the case. Last week she had come into our room in the middle of the night crying saying she had had bad dreams, and that she didn’t want to go back to her bed. This has been going on for about three or four nights when I said to my wife we needed to find a way to stop it. My wife being a lot smarter than me went out and bought a beautiful large dreamcatcher that she put up in our daughter’s room and told her how the holes of the dream catcher would stop any bad dreams from coming into the room and that she would never have to worry about bad dreams again. So now over the last few days the bad dreams have stopped just in time for her seventh birthday. So now I look at my daughter bouncing up and down on the jumping castle and I see her happy and content. My wife is a very very smart person and I asked if we could get a dreamcatcher for our own room just to make everything equal.