World Festival

My wife, my daughter and I all recently went down to a local festival near our city. The festival revolved mostly¬†around world music and world food. We arrived later in the afternoon and so we struggled to find a place to park our car in the outdoor carpark. It had rained the night before so it was a little muddy, the festival was basically in a big grassy open field and didn’t have much in the way of pavement. So after about twenty minutes of searching for a carpark, we found one right at the very edge of the muddy carpark. We got our stuff out of the car, dodged the muddy puddles and began walking into the festival.

My wife said she was keen to go to the yoga workshop that was on in a few hours, she had brought her own yoga mat¬†so she could join in with everyone doing their stretches and “asanas” as she and seemingly all others in the yoga world called them. I took our daughter around to the petting zoo while my wife was doing her yoga thing. There was a real huge assortment of small animals, my daughter immediately ran toward a young looking goat standing lonely by the fence. She was obsessed with goats for some reason and I had a lot of trouble tearing her away from her new friend which she had apparently named Glen.

We started walking around to the food stalls to see what we could get to eat, it was amazing the variety of food they had, everything from Mongolian delicacies to Chilean desserts. We had this weird sort of deep fried bread from Hungary with sour cream that we both love and we ran back into my wife there too, she having come back from her yoga class all worn out but smiling widely. It was a brilliant day and I think we’ll be definitely heading back there next year.