Trip to the city (part 2)

When the doors opened there were another three customers waiting for the last door to move away and they all eyeballed she other like Olympic sprinters at the start line.  Thankfully each took off in different directions as soon as they entered so any chance of fighting was removed. I looked around to see if these women had also brought their husbands but it seemed like I was the only man being forced into this early morning run.  My wife headed straight to the home and decor section to look for some presents for her other sisters and niece who lives in Cairns. First she picked up some really interesting wind chimes that she loved, all beautiful metal tubing that made a sweet tune when they rang.  Then she saw a stunning silver candelabra she thought her sister would love for her formal dining room table. I thought it was a bit expensive but she said it was a good investment for the future. I wondered whether she meant in monetary terms of a good investment for her whenever she visited to see it on her sisters table.  I can be a little cynical at times.  Still they were good choices and I couldn’t argue with the discounts she bargained off from the staff and I ended up paying a lot less than the sticker price.  Next she tried the makeup department for her niece but apparently the shade of lipstick she loves is only available from a specific shop across town so I was worried we were going to go on a long cross town journey just to find picadilly pink in a smear free combo.  Thankfully she decided that we could probably find someting a bit more quirky for her in the craft section and it was there she found all these amazing cushions that were able to be left outside in the rain and still stay dry and useable.  She bought a dozen of these and then decided to moveon from Myers across the road to Waltons specialty stores.