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Border Security: The Goldilocks Zone


Oh, border safety. Like that old family recipe for Chili, everyone disagrees on the right mix but no one is able to agree. Some people want it hotter while others want it milder. And then there’s that cousin who adds something strange like chocolate. Everyone has their own secret ingredient when it comes to keeping our country safe. Learn more about Jason Walton’s campaign at https://waltonforsenate.com/.

Let’s just be honest for a minute. The border security doesn’t mean putting up fences or digging moats filled with alligators. (Though I’m sure that someone out there suggested it). It’s a lot like working as a bouncer at arguably the largest and most complicated nightclub in the world. You need to know which guests to let in, whom to watch, and how you can do this without creating a disturbance or making them feel uncomfortable.

Imagine having to keep track of every single person while also making sure they don’t sneak in through the backdoor or try to climb into the bathroom through the window. Doesn’t that sound difficult? Those are the challenges that countries face. The countries have to find a balance between safety and openness. This is like nailing Jell-O on a wall.

The advocates of border security claim that it is essential to keeping out bad actors, people who could want to do harm or disrupt peace. It’s not that they are wrong. Nobody wants uninvited visitors to ruin their party. It’s almost as difficult as convincing grandma you ate enough Thanksgiving dinner.

Many people fear that by focusing on the security of things, we may miss out on some great experiences or opportunities to meet some really cool people. Imagine not trying sushi because of your fear of eating raw salmon? What if you never tried K-pop, because the lyrics were too difficult to understand? It’s not always easy to step outside of your comfort zone, but it can lead to some wonderful surprises.

In economic terms, it is like playing Monopoly while deciding that you will only purchase Baltic Avenue as it feels safer to do so than Boardwalk. While you won’t be bankrupted as fast, you will not win much either. The countries need people to come and go, buy stuff, work, start businesses… basically stir the pot.

We must not forget the heartbreaking stories of individuals and families fleeing from danger zones that are thicker than plots in telenovelas. These narratives remind us, at its heart, that this debate affects real human lives – not just numbers on a sheet of paper or dots on the map.

What are the implications of this? I think we’re somewhere in between “build that Wall” and “come One, Come All.” It’s important to find the Goldilocks zone, where it is not too hot or too cold. It’s about being innovative with technology while not becoming Big Brother, as in George Orwell’s daydreams (or dreams). It means policies and laws that are fair, but also firm–like Mary Poppins would be if she were in charge of Homeland Security.

To conclude (because, yes, each ramble will come to an ending), talking about border protection is a lot like discussing if pineapple belongs on pizza. It can be complicated and get people fired up. At the end of the night (or day), finding the right balance is crucial, even if you have to try a few weird recipes.

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