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Finding The Best Rental Party Near Me

In terms of throwing a good party, the people who are present on your scene will be just as important. In order to make a memorable party, you need to set up an environment for people to enjoy their time and remember the good times they had. Miami is the land of partying so allow Opus Event Rentals help you create the event to remember!


You can be sure to have a party to remember if you rent a bull. Keep in mind that the mechanical bull requires 20×20-foot space. It’s a must-have if there is enough room. You will have lots of fun and laughter with all your friends. If you want to record guests holding on for dear lives, you’ll need a smartphone or a video camera. It’s amazing how much energy a video camera, a mechanical calf, or a status on Facebook gives a person.

There are bounce houses and slides available for parties with children. The water slide is the perfect way for kids to have fun. If you don’t have enough backyard space, you won’t be able to use the slide. The dimensions of this water slide are 15x25ft. Choose from many different options when it comes to bounce houses. Bounce houses are available in many different themes. From sports to castles, even toddler zones.

You can use tents for shade to keep your guests cool and protect their food, whether you’re having a wedding reception or a birthday party. The threat of a heat stroke can be a powerful motivator to escape the venue. You can choose from a frame-tent, a Pinnacle Tent or a Pinnacle Tent with Sidewalls. Other options include portable AC, fans on pedestals and misting machines. Don’t forget, guests who are cool and comfortable will enjoy their stay.

It would be impossible to have a successful party if your guests couldn’t eat, drink and interact. That is why tables and seats are also available for rental. As for the chairs available, there are several options: bar stools, folding chairs and Chiavari chairs. Also, there are several options for tables including half moon tables, bar/cocktail tables, round and rectangular tables. Miami Party Rental Supply provides a multitude of choices!

The heaters will keep you and your guests warm. The patio heating unit heats up a 10-foot circular space and has a 20-pound tank of propane that will run for 6 hours. There are pool heaters available to rent if your pool is cold. Heat the pool between 82 to 85 degrees for 6 hours, before your party.

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