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Breast Augmentation: Get Ready For Surgery

Breast augmentation is a very common procedure in today’s plastic surgery seattle facial. In the United States, it is the most common form of cosmetic surgery. Patients for this procedure continue to increase. It is important to not rush this surgery. Even though it’s popular, breast enhancement isn’t a simple procedure. It requires a lot of preparation and recovery. Prior to having this procedure done, you should consider many factors.

Before surgery, consult a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement. This kind of plastic surgeon helps you determine whether or not you are a candidate for augmentation. This specialist will have a better understanding of the risks, and be able to produce better results as their expertise is in that specific area of surgery. Make sure your doctor explains all of the different options available to yourself.

The doctor will tell you how to prepare for your surgery. Doctors will tell you that a good diet, regular exercise and quitting smoking are two of the most important things to do. Smoking may cause problems with healing and blood circulation because it increases blood tension. Also, avoid taking aspirin or other painkillers as they act as blood thinners. These medicines can lead to complications and prevent the blood from clotting. Before surgery, a healthy diet plan and an exercise program will help the body to heal quicker. In general, healthy patients require less time to recover from surgery.

Recovery usually takes one to two days. Doctors will often recommend that you refrain from any strenuous physical activity for at least a month following surgery. In addition, many doctors recommend wearing a special surgical underwear in the weeks immediately following surgery. The special garment will reduce pain and promote corrective healing. The surgery can cause swelling and tenderness. Your discomfort must be accurately reported. You should not ignore any pain, heartbeat irregularities, or breathlessness.

The breast augmentation procedure can cause a number of complications and risks. This includes bleeding, infections and persistent pain. It can also include blood clots or implant leakage. These risks can, however, be greatly minimized by regular consultations with your doctor before and afterwards. Further, an experienced surgeon will be better able to avoid many of these complications. Even though there are potential complications, research does not support claims that there is a connection between breast implants and systemic or immune diseases.

Confidence in your doctor is key. It is important to consult your doctor about postoperative care, even though the procedure has become simple and basic. You should avoid strenuous exercises and heavy lifting for the first two weeks. Your new appearance will be soon yours if you recover carefully and thoughtfully.