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What to Do when the Temptation is Strong Enough to Make You Pay Money for Your Math Homework

Now let’s talk about a hot topic, something that is more enticing than a jalapeno. Paying somebody to do math homework. Let’s go there. There’s no need to be evasive or avoid the truth. Get the facts?

Your maths assignment looks like ancient Sumerian to you. Your first thought is, “Maybe someone could do this work for me.” Here, there’s no need to pass judgment. There have been times when we would rather sit and watch paint dry, than to solve another quadratic formula.

First, what makes this idea even occur to you? First of all, it’s a busy world. It’s possible that you have a busy schedule, such as a demanding job or family commitments, while also trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in your social circle (remember these?). You may feel that math homework is like the uninvited person who shows up at your house and won’t leave.

It’s like being in a video game where the difficulty level just jumped from “Meh” to “Why bother?” You’re playing a computer game, and the difficulty just went from “Meh”, all the way to “Why am I bothering?” overnight. Your goal is to score high because grades matter. These devices can be used to open windows and doors when they’re jammed.

What’s your answer to the million-dollar math question? Imagine giving your money to someone who will return work looking like it was done by my grandma. But her speciality is baking cookies not algebra.

But don’t forget Mr. Ethics who sits on your shoulders whispering sweet things about growth, integrity and honesty. If you cheat, you might feel better in a hurry but you will miss the opportunity to learn something. Crazy concept, right?

Also, you run the chance of being found out. Picture yourself submitting an assignment with such perfection that Pythagoras would look amateurish. The teacher’s eyebrows are raised so high that they leave Earth’s orbit. They know you struggle to do basic arithmetic. Busted!

But don’t be mistaken, asking for assistance is fine. No one should feel embarrassed to say that certain numbers can make them want to run away screaming. You might want to consider alternatives instead of just throwing money at a problem.

Consider forming a small study group. Even misery enjoys the company of others. If you’re feeling down, try YouTube or Khan Academy. They have tons of resources that are free and explain the material in a way which doesn’t make people cry.

Talk to your professor or instructor if nothing else works and you really feel lost. You might not find it appealing to eat broccoli for dessert. But, if you listen carefully they may actually value your openness and desire to improve.

The end result (or grade) doesn’t matter as much as how well you performed. Although shortcuts may seem appealing, it’s more satisfying to solve problems on your terms.

If you’re looking for a way to avoid feeling bad or getting into trouble, you should consider alternative solutions before pulling out your wallet.

It’s not just math that is difficult, it’s also you. And who wants the hassle of explaining spending patterns labeled “math homework” during family Monopoly? Don’t be afraid to tackle the maths! Then what is the point of doing it?

When someone whispers, “Can you pay someone else to complete my online classes?” Asking why people feel this way is a better approach than assuming that we are right. It is important to listen, and not just because we are uncomfortable.