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Divine Prayer: Stop the grocery list for heartfelt conversations with the Universe

Divine Prayer Sounds fancy, right? To get in, you would need a secret passcode or a handshake. This is probably the most simple spiritual practice that you will find. There’s no requirement for candles, no need for chanting and certainly no reason to stand under the full moon on one leg.

What is so special about the divine prayer reviews, you ask? Tell me a story. Imagine you have this old friend. Imagine having an old, trusted friend that you could call up at three in the morning because you thought you saw a space alien after watching a lot of sci-fi. Imagine talking to this friend over and over about the same shopping list, rather than discussing life, love, or aliens. Hey buddy, don’t forget that I need milk, eggs, and the world to be at peace. Sounds absurd? This is because it’s ridiculous.

Divine Prayer turns the script on its head. Divine Prayer is all about throwing out the grocery lists and having a genuine heart-toheart with whatever piece of divinity you are devoted to. Call it God. Universe. Spirit. Heck, call Bob if this makes it more personal.

Then let’s get into how the whole thing works. First, intentionality and presence. This may sound like self-help buzzwords, but please stick with me. Simply being your authentic self–warts, blemishes and all- means to be present at the time. Don’t worry about what you will eat for dinner, or about that email which you forgot to send.

Next up: openness. Santa Claus doesn’t need your wish list; he just needs to know what you want to say.

And here’s where things get really interesting–synchronicities start popping up like daisies in springtime. Your high-school crush might appear in your DMs when you least expect it.

So, how can you join the bandwagon? Simple: take some quiet time for yourself each day, and begin talking. Or thinking, if speaking aloud makes you feel like your screws are loosening.

It’s important to be consistent, like you would if you were brushing your own teeth or feeding Mr. Whiskers. And patience, too? Yes, I think that’s pretty good.

This little chat is about how to open yourself up to the life mysteries, one heartfelt conversation and all.

Each sentence contains a wealth of information and each paragraph is an opportunity to improve communication skills. Above all, have fun. It’s all part of DIY, after all. Remember the best part of setting up an online store? You won’t have to worry about wasps trying steal a sip of your lemonade.

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